Ekra Automatic Printer
Solder paste stencil printer, 22″ x 20″ size capability

Ekra Automatic Printer
Solder paste stencil printer, 18″ x 24″ size capability

Juki 2020 Juki 2020 Juki 2050
18″ x 24″ board size capabilities with a line capacity of 25,650 placements per hour maximum

Juki 2055 and 2060
18″ x 24″ board size capabilities

Electrovert Omniflow
7 zone production reflow oven

Electrovert Econopak
18″ dual-wave wave solder machine

Electrovert Aquastorm 100
Closed-loop high pressure water cleaning system

X-Spection 6000
Fully integrated, up to 130kV high power closed X-ray tube. 60 Degree Camera Tilt

Conceptronics Rework System
Model Freedom HGR 2000 placement and removal system for BGA, micro-BGA, flip chip or fine pitch components with 18″ x 20″ capabilities

Meiji Microscopes
Stereo zoom microscope with oblique 360 viewers, 0.7 – 90X magnification

Semiautomatic H Press and Manual Presses
Computerized H Press PHB-12 with 12,000 lbs. pressing capacity, and Arbor #3B with 6,000 lbs. pressing capacity with in-stock tooling to accommodate many different press fit connectors

Mirtec MV-3 Series AOI Machine
High performance, AOI series for PCB assembly

BGA-100 Inspection Tool
Optical inspection tool for BGA devices

Portable Softwall Class 1,000 Cleanroom With Class 100 Flow Bench
In house 8×13 ft Softwall Cleanroom, Hepa-Filters Drop Ceiling with Class 100 Flow Bench

Alta Manufacturing Equipment