Alta Manufacturing Services

Alta Manufacturing prides itself on minimizing the customer’s time from product concept to successful product production. More than just concepts, Quality, Flexibility and Service represent Alta’s commitment to customers’ service. We are committed to providing the optimal PCBA solution as well as Box Build integration to meet the most demanding customer requirements.

  • Quick turn Prototype Assembly (Same Day / 1 Day)
  • Complex BGA Rework
  • Flex Board Assembly
  • Volume Production
  • Program Management
  • Material Procurement and Management
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Testing Services
  • Automated Optical Inspection
  • X-ray
  • Burn In
  • System/Functional Testing
  • BGA Optical Inspection

Alta Manufacturing ServicesService


  • Large multilayer PCBA up to 22 Inches
  • Micro BGA to Large Scale BGA Placement
  • BGA Rework / Remove and Reball (Up to 4,087 ball count)
  • Flex Boards / Rigid Flex Boards
  • Air tight solder joints

Alta Manufacturing Services Alta Manufacturing Services Alta Manufacturing Services Alta Manufacturing Services Alta Manufacturing Services


Alta Manufacturing Services

  • Lead Free Assembly / Leaded Assembly
  • No Clean Processing
  • Thermal Profiling
  • Custom PCBA Fixturing
  • Class 100 Assembly & Packaging
  • BGA/Micro BGA/CCGA/MLF (Up to 4,087 ball count)
  • Press Fit Connectors
  • 01005 And 0201 SMT Placements
  • BGA Rework
  • Non Standard Dense PCB’s (Large 18 x 22)
  • Fine Pitch Component Placement
  • Double Sided BGA Placement
  • Specialty Component Placement
  • Air tight solder joint with leak check capabilities